Conclusions of the meeting regarding the Legal Office


Following the meeting regarding the intention to set up the Legal Office, organized in Bucharest, by the Association of R.E.A.D.C in partnership with Tasso e.V, the following objectives were established

Conference of Animal and Environmental Protection Associations


R.E.A.D.C. together with various NGOs and activists for the protection of animals, the environment and civil rights, organizes on 09.11.2019, at 10.00 am, at the Trianon Hotel, Bucharest, the conference to open the Romanian Legal Office for the protection of animals and the environment.

The given word is honor


We expanded our annual actions, started in the year 2014, with the role of education, registration, monitoring and vaccination, in most localities of the The Danube Delta, as the first step in the strategy for supporting public health and animal welfare.

4 OCTOBER World Animal Day


World Animal Day is celebrated in different ways in each country, regardless of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.

"Door to door Romania", action of neutering dogs with owner, in the town of Bujoreni, Vâlcea County

door to door bujoreni valcea 2019

"Door to door Romania", action of neutering dogs with owner, in the town of Bujoreni, Vâlcea County, an action started by the "Second Chance" Association, Vâlcea, in partnership with R.E.A.D.C. Romania and funded by Tasso e. V. Germany.

The stray dog business !! Rescuing dogs from euthanasia cataloged as "vertebrate animals ... for marketing purposes"

Stray dog

Dear citizens, we would like to point out to you another financial shuttle authorized by ANSVSA together with CMV Ro targeting the veterinarians' practices.

Animal lovers fined instead of the responsible authorities


Dear animal lovers, owners or aware citizens, please analyze this cry for help received on our address.

Sulina is the only city with half of the canine population castrated/sterilized and fully registered, microchipped and vaccinated against rabies

Association R.E.A.D.C. and partners Tasso e.V. Germany presents the results of the campaingn of registration/castration/sterilization of dogs and cats with owner in Sulina.

Prevention is cheaper than combating

On 08.05.2019, R.E.A.D.C. Turda held a press conference in the conference room of the Cultural Palace "IonelFloaşiu" CâmpiaTurzii, wherewe had as guests:DorinLojigan, mayor of CâmpiaTurzii, AlinIrimieş, representative of Câmpia Turzii City Hall, Philip McCreight, president of the Association Tasso e.V. Germany, CalinMărginean, the municipality's concessionaire veterinarian, and R.E.A.D.C. collaborator, prof. dr. Paul Alexandru.

Prevention is cheaper than combating

On 08.05.2019, R.E.A.D.C. Turda held a press conference in the conference room of the Cultural Palace "IonelFloaşiu" CâmpiaTurzii, wherewe had as guests:DorinLojigan, mayor of CâmpiaTurzii, AlinIrimieş, representative of Câmpia Turzii City Hall, Philip McCreight, president of the Association Tasso e.V. Germany, CalinMărginean, the municipality's concessionaire veterinarian, and R.E.A.D.C. collaborator, prof. dr. Paul Alexandru.

Unconsciousness, incompetence or malevolence from A.N.S.V.S.A.?

Following our steps, A.N.S.V.S.A. has removed the obligation established by the Service Note no. 25561/07.03.2018, by which they added additional requirements for pet transport within the EU

The fight of R.E.A.D.C against abuses in the sanitary veterinary system continue

Thursday, 28.03.2019, will be a busy dayfor the R.E.A.D.C. Association at the Court of Appeals Cluj, where two of the lawsuits filed by our association against A.N.S.V.S.A. will take place.

The fight for animal rights continues - Abuses made by the Local Council of Onesti

It’s been brought to our attention by Mrs. Lidia Zahiu, the president of Help Animals Association from Onesti, about an abuse committed by their local authorities, which is the reason why we were unable not to react and not to fight with all legal resources in order to stop such illegalities.


We thank everyone for your financial support in getting the ambulance - as the final step for door-to-door sterilization of dogs, after registrer and chipping

We say NO to corruption!

The trial filed by Liviu Harbuz against Association R.E.A.D.C. Turda, for the denigrating and slanderous nature of the statements made by us in the public environment, took place on 18.12.2018.

We fight against corruption and abuse in the veterinary health system

Dear animal lovers,
We would like to announce you that Liviu Harbuz, together with The College of Veterinarians has filed, in 2016, a lawsuit against our association (R.E.A.D.C. Turda) and association’s manager, Iulia Iozsa, for the denigrating and slanderous nature of allegations made by us in the public environment.

Illegal costs imposed on dog owners, canceled by the court

Victory in court for 7 million owners of domestic carnivores

The dogs are barking, the bear is passing, the rest is Bruxelles sprout

Meeting grade 0 in Brussels in 21.11.2018, about stray dogs from Romania.0 results for animals and citizens

World Dog Day - October 10, 2018

The campaign for identification, microcipation and vaccination against rabies of domestic carnivores continues in the Danube Delta. Dear animal lovers, the annual campaign of identification, microcipation and vaccination against rabies of domestic carnivores in the Danube Delta, continues until February 2019, on the basis of the protocol signed in 2014 with the mayoralties of the localities in the area.

Our fight for animal welfare and health in Sulina continues

”The Electronic Register of Domestic Animals and Pets” Association, along with Tasso e.V. Germany, concluded the campaign of castration/sterilization of stray and domestic carnivorous in the territory of Sulina.

Happy Birthday on Animal Day!

By celebrating this animal day we celebrate love, respect and responsibility to animals

R.E.A.D.C. attacked a new abuse in the sanitary-veterinary system

On 06.09.2018, at 09.30, at the Court of Appeal Cluj will take place our Association`trial against the College of Veterinarians on the aberrantconditions they imposed for the registration of a mobile clinic used to castrateanimals with or without owners.

Open letter to Viorica Dancila

Scrisoare deschisa catre prim ministrul Romaniei

Considering that following the Constitutional Court` Decision, which decided that the rabies vaccination of domestic carnivores is no longer conditioned by the pre-microcipation of the animals, no remedial measures have yet been taken in this respect, R.E.A.D.C. has sent an open letter in this regard to Romanian Prime Minister Vasilica Viorica Dăncilă.



The free castration/sterilization campaign of dogs and cats with or without owner from Sulina city, organized by our association and Tasso e. V. Germany has ended!



 Veterinarians revolted because of the abuses from the Romanian system

On Monday, 26th of March 2018, the concessionaire veterinarians from all over the country will hold a meeting in Bucharest, in order to claim some legal issues, of everything that means the reward of the activities on the national strategic plan for public, animal and alimentary health, as well as for as well as raising awareness and alerting those who lead and coordinate these services in Romania.

Afacerea rabia






Dear citizens, inhabitants of Campia Turzii,

     We would like to announce you that there are 2 more weeks in which your dogs can be vaccinated against rabies, during which you are asked to bring them to the concessionaire veterinarian office in order to get the vaccine (Str. Parcului, no. 7, opposite the Mechel canteen Veterinarian Dan Zmolea- 0743 770 764).




Rabies Business


As you well know, our association has been supporting for many years the civil society against the premeditated abuses, in a group interest, in the A.N.S.V.S.A.-C.M.V. bicephalous system, which in addition to the national free reporting registry of vaccines to OIE/UE, invented R.E.C.S. Registry too (development of around 800 000 Euros, which in reality, at a transparent auction costs 20 000 Euros). The concessionaires were supposed to accept a loss of the unperformed vaccines workmanship from the last 4 years, of approx. 80 million Euros (to 5 million dogs and about 7 million cats), being the equivalent of an employee's salary per cabinet at country level.






microcipare caini

The Court of Appeal Cluj has debated a new abuse on the domestic carnations owners

Yesterday, 5th of March 2018, at the Court of Appeal Cluj has been debated the problem of the wrong microchip (transponder) code structure, within the process filed by our association against A.N.S.V.S.A

curtea de apel cluj





A new abuse in the detriment of domestic carnations owners on the Court of Appeal’s table

Monday, 5th of March 2018, our association, as complainant, invites you at the Court of Appeal Cluj, room 38, where it will take place the process against The National Sanitary-Veterinary and for Food Safety Authority regarding the wrong microchip (transponder) code structure.

Rabies Business


Model of request , in order to obtain the list of Sanitary-Veterinary constituencies and veterinarians of free practice, possessor of concession contracts for the rabies vaccination on dogs and cats from Romania.

Request to ANSVSA



Thus, we shortly present, the R.E.A.D.C.S’ note, as an answer to the reactions, questions and  concerns of many of you, regarding our last press release, “THE BLACKMAIL OF RABIES VACCINATION HAS ENDED!”.

Find out more

Afacerea rabia



The Electronic Register of Domestic and Company Animals (R.E.A.D.C.)- Turda obtained yesterday, 23.01.2018, at The Constitutional Court of Romania a huge victory in favor of all owners of domestic carnivores (dogs and cats) from Romania.

  vaccin no money






Who is guarding us from the ones we pay contributions to protect our health?




Rabies on The Constitutional Court table!

Thursday, December 14th 2017, 9.00 o’clock, at the Bucharest Constitutional Court, will be settled the unconstitutional exception of No.1/2014 Order and No. 155/2001 O.U.G, regarding the approval for the management of ownerless dogs program.

valer dorneanu 31689400 


Wrong start of the annual rabies vaccination program in this year too

Watch our short movie which presents you the cruel reality faced by Romania.


Comunicat de presa: Curtea Constitutionala va decide daca obligativitatea vaccinarii antirabice gratuite poate fi conditionata

Press release: Constitutional Court will decide whether free of charge compulsory rabies vaccination can be conditioned

PRESSEMITTEILUNG - Das Verfassungsgericht wird beschliessen ob die Pflicht der kostenlosen Impfung gegen Tollwut konditioniert werden kann oder nicht

b2ap3 thumbnail poza comunicat de presa

Harbuz - Attempt on public health


harbuz bun

            With this letter, we wish to draw your attention to the abuses created by Order no. 1/2014 of the National Agency for Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (A.N.S.V.S.A.) to approve rules on identification and registration of dogs with owners and Law 258/2013 Article 13 / paragraph 4, which assigns Registrul Câinilor cu Stăpân (RECS). It was awarded to the College of Veterinarians (CMV), which illegally established, enrollment fees not covered by the law.

September 28- WORLD RABIES DAY

Rabies Business

Rabies vaccination is mandatory, according to the Art 15, pct.1/a of European Council 2013/722/ Decision



Negligence, Unconcern and Disinformation have clinical consequences for humans and animals.
Saving lives is doctor`s profession and it involves payment for treatements and hospitalization.
Saving souls depends on Saving lifes.

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The time spent on practical action does not allow us to react quickly on social media.

Representatives of The Electronic Register of Domestic Animals and Pets acted on the spot according to the legislation.

sulina ep 3 coperta2 




The Public Services, shelter owners, notified us that the dogs accommodation expired on 18.07.2017, when, according to the law, they would have been proposed for euthanasia. Obviously, we paid weeks of treatments for all dogs in the shelter and we will continue to bear the costs in accordance with the HCL no. 11/2017’s tariffs.

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Our motto is the direct involvement, in order to save animals life.

Why were we present in the territory that we help for over 2 years?
The images from the following link will provide you an answer

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